1-2: From "Eileen Quinn". Short comic story written for the unpublished Pocket Bear Press anthology For The Love Of Monsters. 2018.

3-4: From Golden Trick!. Homoerotic fantasy heist webcomic. Co-created with and drawn by Nero O'Reilly. 2017-ongoing.

5-6: From Crossed Wires. Queer cyberpunk webcomic. 2014-ongoing.

7-8: From "Ignition". Short comic story drawn by Skolli Rubedo. Written for the Iron Circus comics anthology FTL, Y'all!. 2018.

https://irisjay.net:443/files/gimgs/th-15_alienqueen1-2 web.jpg
https://irisjay.net:443/files/gimgs/th-15_alienqueen3-4 web.jpg
https://irisjay.net:443/files/gimgs/th-15_GT115-116 copy web.jpg
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https://irisjay.net:443/files/gimgs/th-15_2_114-2_115 v1 web.jpg
https://irisjay.net:443/files/gimgs/th-15_2_116-2_117 v1 web.jpg
https://irisjay.net:443/files/gimgs/th-15_ignition 5-6 v2 web.jpg
https://irisjay.net:443/files/gimgs/th-15_ignition 7-8 v1 web.jpg